Pawel Urbanski organizational processes and technology consulting.

Technology management for product innovation and internal maximization

I have 10 years of experience working with different technologies. Being a startup mentor, and following MIT’s framework, is my personal process. Being blind gives me know-hot and experience to maximize how technology can be used, for it is life and death for myself.

  • Adapt or create new products and services with MIT’s framework,
  • Change yourself or your employees into power users and innovation teams,
  • Automate what’s possible, and humanize what is the most important,
  • Adapt your process and what you offer to demographic changes, and 2 billion users.

Adapt or create new products and services

Build on what you have as a company by adapting and optimizing your products and services. Start from scratch as a startup or a startup-like team inside an established business.

  • Use your existing products, services, employees and clients as a source of insights,
  • Chalenge and expand what you discover with fresh opportunities and knowledge,
  • Learn what and who can knock you out of the market, and what is your advantage,
  • Tap your employees, startups, and external consultants to run internal bootcamps or innovation projects.

Solutions for aging or disabled consumers

There are estimated 2 billion people who are either aging or disabled. They have different preferences or needs from regular users, but are frequently poorly served or not served at all.

  • Use technology and design to address this growing market,
  • Implement usability enhancements for those users to make what you offer extremely convinient for everyone,
  • Tap the market of consumers who command most of disposable income,
  • Be a company of choice for your clients no matter their age or ability.

Task and process management and automation

Technology is a great tool to speed things up, do them at scale, but it can also backfire when it gets in a way or locks everything around up under its own way of doing things.

  • Automate single tasks and move on to processes,
  • Use technology to protect time for uninterrupted work,
  • Let most of your team members or employees do the high-touch face-to-face activities,
  • I stopped using paper over 20 years ago, you can be digital as well.

Understand and tell hype from what’s useful

Technology is changing fast. Business models not so much. User needs almost not or slowly catch up.

  • Gain understanding what is hype and what is useful in your business case,
  • Use symulation workshopsto evaluate new technologies in terms of their applicability,
  • Gain understanding if new technologies can give advantage to your competitors,
  • Get help when choosing or working with providers.