Pawel Urbanski Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Pawel Urbanski Coaching

I work with groups or individual clients. After possible problems or areas for improvement are recognized, I provide tools and assistance to introduce possible changes and improvements.

What I bring

Employee engagement

Working with employees, their managers and providers to reduce unnecessary stress, complexity and improve trust. I make processes and interaction simpler and build internal motivation.


Customer experience

Work on processes to bring more clients and increase retention by quality experience during sales, product or service delivery and support. I pay attention to human and technology sides of the processes and interactions.


Cross-functional team building

Work with diverse, cross-functional teams to improve their understanding and communication and collaboration. I bring technology, project management and process improvement experience to speed up work, eliminate conflicts, and reduce errors.


Technology management and design

Experience as a developer, architect and analyst, I help with requirements, technology selection and user training. I enable teams to work together to understand the requirements to avoid costly changes, exceeded budgets and delayed time to market.


Coaching as I do it

1. Introductory meeting with the coachee

The goal of this meeting is the introduction of the coach and the coachee, learning about the coaching approach and deciding about the future work.

2. Preparation for the future work

As part of the preparations for further work, the coach and coachee work together in:

Delivery format

3. Coaching sessions

These sessions cover goals and issues established during the preparation meeting. Working methodology: depending on needs, involves the following elements

Steps for ensuring long-term impact…

Targeted outcomes

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