Pawel Urbanski Speaker

Pawel Urbanski Speaking

I am a conference or event speaker. Experiences both in life and business created opportunities for me to be invited to schools, universities, non-profit organizations to give speeches and workshops.

Extreme sports: leadership, trust and persuasion

How to gain the trust of supporters in a project that carries real life risks? Organizing your team and keeping motivation high. Managing ambitious individuals in a team-oriented endeavor. What makes a blind person seek a risky adventure with a highly visual experience?

Leadership: Getting started and getting finished

How to manage your energy during long and important projects after the initial burst of energy? Making good leaders to get things done. How to motivate yourself and others when it seems that everything has been done or discovered?

Technology and humans: friends or foes?

Computers are getting faster and robots are starting to replace us. We all want to cut back on working time to spend more time with friends and family. The technology used to create solutions in one area can destroy them in another.

My notable appearances include:

I opened the first TEDx conference at the Polish presidential palace (2014). You can watch it here…

What you can expect

I work closely with organizers to ensure your objectives are met and the audience walks away with useful knowledge ready to be used in practice.

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