Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Pawel Urbanski

People+Processes Deliver Successes

The experience to be a startup mentor, business coach, consultant, researcher, adventurer and speaker gives me the skills to spot opportunities and solve problems from many angles… I am called “Unstoppable” by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and 1 of 850 people who completed MIT’s New Ventures Leadership program.

  • Designing with you products and services for stable future growth
  • Optimizing how you or your teams work balancing current needs and possible opportunities
  • Using technology to scale and automate your key processes
  • Introducing innovations created with support of trusted insights not guesses.


I work with teams and individuals to make them better at:


I present as a speaker or run workshops on the following topics:

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I work as a consultant in the role of a business analyst, architect or designer:

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I currently live in Warsaw, Poland,but can work everywhere. I occasionally escape to the country side.

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