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Pawel Urbanski Technology

I have 10 years of experience working with technologies. Ranging from business analysis and architecture to technical features or interaction design, I am able to work with teams - big and small. Being blind makes me use and push technology to its limits when solving problems.

Architecture Management

Analysis of enterprise resources, processes and technologies. Creation of architecture deliverables such as business strategies, data and application architectures and change management programs. Architecture brings organization and stability to complex projects. Every project that requires working with many clients, providers, technologies spanning different platforms can benefit from architecture management.

Process & Performance Management

Modeling business processes and analyzing their economic performance. Using Activity-Based Costing and Balanced Scorecards to value results. Those metodologies can be applied to the asesment of budgets for technological projects or pricing services.

Smart Cities Applications

The design and dvelopment of applications and services for the smart cities and internet of things. Connecting citizen services to the mobile platforms. Using sensors to improve living conditions or influence how cities are experienced.

Mobile Applications Design

Design of mobile and mobility solutions proven by the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge award. I have unique skills that allow me to design for wide range of users with the ability to pay attention to the accesible design for users with disabilities or working in complex environment.

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